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Black hair, made easy.

At Curltech, we make products that make it easier to do black hair.

We are on a journey to develop tools to help you part, twist, braid, and lock your hair.

We believe it should not take all day, or even multiple days, to do your hair.

We want to give you your time back. We want to give your life back.

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Image by Etty Fidele

My Hair Story

In college I went natural. Instead of leaving my hair out, I always wore box braids or kinky twists.

I would go to the hairdresser and spend at least six hours getting my hair done. I hated that doing my hair took ALL DAY! It was also expensive, and sometimes even painful. I wanted to try and do my own hair to save some money but I knew I wouldn't look as good as when I got it done.

Many of my friends were able to braid or twist their own hair well, but it took them even longer. Some of them had to block off their entire weekend before they traveled for vacations or weddings to get it done.

I decided that this is not acceptable for the 21st century. We deserve to have tools so that doing our hair is no longer time-consuming, painful, expensive, or difficult.

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We want your feedback

We are developing a tool to help you part your hair.

Email us at to provide us with feedback to improve the product.  

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